we are a bunch of
talented, experienced
and fun folks
based in Durrës

Impressed by great user experience with our products

Moving our first steps towards the curiosity about informatics, we achieved to translate our passion through study and dedication in a multinational collaboration between Albania, Italy and France. In our experience predominates knowledge in building web-sites of online shopping, hotel reservations, spa centers, restaurant and various businesses that base their everyday activity in booking appointments.

Keep in touch with us not only for Web Development, we should be your first thought when it comes to WebTv, IPTV, Web Radio, (coming soon) VoIP, PODCAST, remote assistance and IT services.

Creating a web based brand or company identity is not anymore just a necessity but a form of art and advertising for your business. We don’t stop at the web design, we go over, making it simple by avoiding unnecessary stuff.

According to us, a website should be: user friendly, clear, fast and secure from malicious visitors

our clients

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